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Tobacco leaves are harvested and aged using a process that combines use of heat and shade to reduce sugar and water content without causing the large leaves to rot.
This first part of the process, called curing, takes between 25 and 45 days and varies substantially based upon climatic conditions as well as the construction of sheds or barns used to store harvested tobacco. The curing process is manipulated based upon the type of tobacco, and the desired color of the leaf.
The second part of the process, called fermentation, is carried out under conditions designed to help the leaf die slowly. Temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure that the leaf continues to ferment, without rotting or disintegrating.

This is where the flavor, burning, and aroma characteristics are primarily brought out in the leaf.

The Ensangweni Lounge offers a selection of cuban cigars ranging from E40.00 to E350.00.

Classic Selection

Romeo y Julieta No. 2
Rich earthy tastes predominate in this classic Cuban benchmark

Montecristo No. 5

The biggest selling Cuban cigar world wide


More Cigars featured in The Ensangweni Lounge

The Lihawu Restaurant is situated in the Royal Villas in the Ezulwini Valley of Swaziland. Accommodation options are available for diners.
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